Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forever 21 brow palette review (video demo)

This is my review and demo for the F21 Love & Beauty Perfect Brow Kit. This tutorial is for thicker eyebrows, and a demo on how I use eyebrow styling wax

So if you haven't heard Forever 21 now sells makeup, which is pretty much hit or miss.. Some is made there, and some is from other retailers such as LA Flare, LA girl, etc. This palette I believe is forever's.

Price: $4.80

  • Comes in (sturdy) cardboard case
  • Magnetic closure
  • Perfect Brow Kit on front
  • Back of product has info of what's inside, color shade (can choose Blonde or Brunette)
  • Inside has directions for use, but I break those rules. heh heh

Products included:
  • Styling wax
  • Cream Hilighter
  • Light Brown and Dark Brown brown powder
  • Dinky dual ended brush with a sponge tip and angled brush

  • Styling wax serves as a good base for brow powder in general
  • Lasts all day (with my way of doing it)
  • Keeps brows in place
  • Does not feel "crusty," eyebrows are flexible
  • Brow powder is pigmented
  • Brow powders can double as eyeshadows

  • If wax not applied properly, can pull on hairs (I tried putting it on with my fingers and pulled out brow hairs!)
  • If too much wax is applied skin my underneath can appear shiny in photos
  • Cream hilighter (to me) is completely BLEH!
  • If not mixed or applied properly can come out STRONG (I have the brunette one) and harsh.
  • Applicator included is virtually useless.
  • Love and Beauty line not always restocked, must buy product before it runs out
All in all I do enjoy this product. I prefer this routine over quickly filling in with a pencil. My brows remain filled throughout the day (and through the night). The wax is a great way of keeping eyebrows in place as opposed to clear browset/clear mascara since those leave my eyebrows feeling crusty and I just scratch it off or something. The wax helps your eyebrows stay flexible even though you hairs are nicely tamed. Forever 21 does not have much range in these products, but the two colors can be mixed to obtain your desired shade.

To purchase this product:
Perfect Brow Kit

Monday, June 7, 2010

[CLOSED] fleurcreation giveaway!

Hello my lovely followers! I just wanted to share this awesome blog with you guys! It's called fleurcreation.com. I first came across her site when ahanhbarbie34 tweeted about it on Twitter. At first I was highly upset that she didn't actually have fleur de lis jewelry! (her company name probably comes from the fact her name is Flordeliz...) But she's coming up with a design with fleur de lis soon so I won't be as upset. =) Nonetheless, she hand creates beautiful pieces with sterling silver (which is pretty and real!) and swarovski crystal. You might have spotted gurus with these lovely necklaces, and they come from her! My personal fave is her "I love Paris" necklace and her new design Angel's love

"I love Paris" necklace

"Angel's love" necklace

Gosh a second look at her merchandise and I'm in love! I already promised her I would be first in line to purchase her fleur de lis design when she finishes it.

So why the blog post? She invited me to enter her giveaway where she is giving away some goodies!

  • First place prize is her cluster bracelet + two bare mineral foundations + one mineral veil
  • Second place prize is her "I love Paris" necklace + two bare mineral foundations + one mineral veil
  • Third place is her Kiss earrings +one bare mineral foundation + one bare mineral veil

How do you win? Click here for her blog entry on the rules! It ends June 25th, so get started on your entry!

If you decide to just purchase her jewelry instead of entering, note that 20% of sales go toward a good cause (check her site for details!). Also note that she uses paypal as method of payment.

I hope you all enter! I know a lot of you are following because of my past giveaway, so here's a chance to win more free stuff! =D I say that in a good way of course.