Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liquid MINERAL Foundation? By Katie B Cosmetics

Hello again ladies! Another great product from Katie B! (I asked for two things on my birthday wishlist from her, hehe) In this post I will talk about her liquid MINERAL foundation. what what? Liquid MINERAL foundation? You heard right. Katie b is one of the first few brands to carry liquid mineral foundation. I have this in g200 and I'm on the fence about it. I LOVE the product and its quality, it's just that I'm used to applying a darker foundation to pretend to be tan and well.. To be honest this foundation is almost a perfect match for my skin, and blends into my skin SO well.

Proof that it actually is mineral? The consistency gives you and idea.. it's not completely liquidy and smooth. When applied and set. Try to sprinkle some water on it. It beads up when you try. Mineral makeup doesn't mix with water, hence the beads when you try to get it wet =)

A lot of information is on the website, so I linked it below. It has background information and also color swatches. It is arranged by golden tones and rosie tones, so if you kinda have to know your undertone to shop. I once asked her to match me up and she was going to, but I never got back to her. The one that I chose was near perfect though!

This kind of stuff needs to be applied preferably with a regular makeup brush or I imagine it would work with a wet makeup sponge because of its consistency. I usually stipple and I found it HARDDD to apply with a MAC 187 since it's so thick. I used evian misting spray to wet my brush and then put it on. The water keeps the product from soaking, and you def wouldn't wanna waste it! Plus you use less with that method.

Since there is sooo much info on her site, I'll just share what's on the actual tube.
Oil Free, Hypoallergenic
This self setting foundation & powder is infused with antioxidants and minerals that protect & hydrate the skin."

- Mineral foundation. 'Nough said.
- SPF 15. Who doesn't like a little sun protection?
- I haven't had the time to let it sit to find out if it's actually self setting, but I do find when I apply translucent powder I need less than my normal liquid foundation.
- Long lasting! Again, it's hard to tell it's there since it blends so well, but when I tried to wash my face with water it beaded up. So the foundation was still there.
- Photographs well. I haven't put that to a great test but from what days I put it on and pictures I so happened to take my makeup looked like my second skin.
-Comes in six shades for both undertones. Ranges from porcelain to dark tannish.
- Squeeze tube packaging! That means you can get a lot of product out.
- Can buy full sized (35 grams) or sample sized (5 grams)
- Coverage build-able. Can be sheer to full. I find I don't need much concealer either.

- It's a bit expensive. $34.00 for around standard liquid foundation packaging (says it has 1.2 oz on tube) but keep in mind it is a high quality product.
- Like the mascara, it also has a funny smell to it. But again it could be because of the natural ingredients in it.
- Hard to apply without wetting.
- Hard to put my finger on it exactly, but I think it's a bit too yellow for me. It is part of the goldie undertone, so I'm not too mad.

You can purchase this and her other products at

Support her! She is very sweet and down to earth. And she's very hard working! She's very busy but always finds time to tweet me if I tweet her. =)

I received this as a gift from my friend for my birthday =)

Katie B's Faux Lash Mascara!

I figured I wouldn't do it on something I already have on youtube that I'm really excited to review. This mascara hasn't gotten much attention, but it should! I'm talking about Katie B cosmetics Faux Lash Mascara (in Bat Black)

Here is her description of the product on her website:
"Faux Lash Mascara is made of 100% natural ingredients. With the unique bristles of its cone shaped brush, Faux Lash Mascara thickens, lengthens, and separates without the clumpiness of other mascaras, AND without wilting your lashes. Say goodbye to curling your lashes before AND after you put on mascara. With Faux Lash Mascara, you just have to curl your lashes before you put on Faux Lashes and go on about your day. Lastly, Faux Lashes will give you the blackest lashes ever and is water resistant!"

I've heard about Katie B a long time ago. She's a hard working MUA with a mineral makeup line and one of her must-have products is this mascara. I have many friends who recommend this and I can tell you it's a great mascara! If you have a problem with short, stubborn, straight asian eyelashes, here is a possible solution. Katie B should know, she's asian herself (specifically I think, Vietnamese). Most likely she designed this for our lashes that just won't cooperate.

This mascara will do what it promises as long as it is applied properly (so don't have too much product on that applicator!). On my left eyelashes it does magic, but not so much for the right because they are very jacked up and out of place. It performs similar to IMJU Fiberwig except it volumizes more and doesn't add length by those fibers.

- If you like BLACK mascara, this product is for you!
- It is truly WATERPROOF. You need a good makeup remover to get this sucker out.
- This will hold your curl til NEXT WEEK girlfran! Okay not really, but I fell asleep with this on and it was still curled the next day!
- How does it perform? It lengthens, thickens, separates, and (if applied properly) has minimal clumpage! EVERYTHING you can ask for in a mascara!
- Made of natural ingredients
- It makes you look like you have false lashes on. But just the natural looking kind, not crazy dramatic.

- For me at least, the unique cone shape applicator is hard for me to use. I find it hard to use the applicator to get rid of the clumps when I do accidentally get them
- It has a funny smell to it, but it smells similar to olive oil, so it's probably from the natural ingredients that she uses.
- Packaging is cute in black and purple, however it is a sticker. A sticker might wear and tear after some time.
- This product is kinda hit or miss. Some days it gives great length, and other days you're like what the heck?

The product is moderately priced at $13.50. This is in between a high end product and drugstore, but since it performs so well I see it as a DEAL!

You can purchase this item at:

Support her! She is a very sweet and down to earth person. She also does AMAZING makeup. She makes people look absolutely FLAWLESS.

DISCLAIMER: I received this from a friend as a birthday gift. I will give a video review once I have everything from my birthday haul. =)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forever 21 brow palette review (video demo)

This is my review and demo for the F21 Love & Beauty Perfect Brow Kit. This tutorial is for thicker eyebrows, and a demo on how I use eyebrow styling wax

So if you haven't heard Forever 21 now sells makeup, which is pretty much hit or miss.. Some is made there, and some is from other retailers such as LA Flare, LA girl, etc. This palette I believe is forever's.

Price: $4.80

  • Comes in (sturdy) cardboard case
  • Magnetic closure
  • Perfect Brow Kit on front
  • Back of product has info of what's inside, color shade (can choose Blonde or Brunette)
  • Inside has directions for use, but I break those rules. heh heh

Products included:
  • Styling wax
  • Cream Hilighter
  • Light Brown and Dark Brown brown powder
  • Dinky dual ended brush with a sponge tip and angled brush

  • Styling wax serves as a good base for brow powder in general
  • Lasts all day (with my way of doing it)
  • Keeps brows in place
  • Does not feel "crusty," eyebrows are flexible
  • Brow powder is pigmented
  • Brow powders can double as eyeshadows

  • If wax not applied properly, can pull on hairs (I tried putting it on with my fingers and pulled out brow hairs!)
  • If too much wax is applied skin my underneath can appear shiny in photos
  • Cream hilighter (to me) is completely BLEH!
  • If not mixed or applied properly can come out STRONG (I have the brunette one) and harsh.
  • Applicator included is virtually useless.
  • Love and Beauty line not always restocked, must buy product before it runs out
All in all I do enjoy this product. I prefer this routine over quickly filling in with a pencil. My brows remain filled throughout the day (and through the night). The wax is a great way of keeping eyebrows in place as opposed to clear browset/clear mascara since those leave my eyebrows feeling crusty and I just scratch it off or something. The wax helps your eyebrows stay flexible even though you hairs are nicely tamed. Forever 21 does not have much range in these products, but the two colors can be mixed to obtain your desired shade.

To purchase this product:
Perfect Brow Kit

Monday, June 7, 2010

[CLOSED] fleurcreation giveaway!

Hello my lovely followers! I just wanted to share this awesome blog with you guys! It's called I first came across her site when ahanhbarbie34 tweeted about it on Twitter. At first I was highly upset that she didn't actually have fleur de lis jewelry! (her company name probably comes from the fact her name is Flordeliz...) But she's coming up with a design with fleur de lis soon so I won't be as upset. =) Nonetheless, she hand creates beautiful pieces with sterling silver (which is pretty and real!) and swarovski crystal. You might have spotted gurus with these lovely necklaces, and they come from her! My personal fave is her "I love Paris" necklace and her new design Angel's love

"I love Paris" necklace

"Angel's love" necklace

Gosh a second look at her merchandise and I'm in love! I already promised her I would be first in line to purchase her fleur de lis design when she finishes it.

So why the blog post? She invited me to enter her giveaway where she is giving away some goodies!

  • First place prize is her cluster bracelet + two bare mineral foundations + one mineral veil
  • Second place prize is her "I love Paris" necklace + two bare mineral foundations + one mineral veil
  • Third place is her Kiss earrings +one bare mineral foundation + one bare mineral veil

How do you win? Click here for her blog entry on the rules! It ends June 25th, so get started on your entry!

If you decide to just purchase her jewelry instead of entering, note that 20% of sales go toward a good cause (check her site for details!). Also note that she uses paypal as method of payment.

I hope you all enter! I know a lot of you are following because of my past giveaway, so here's a chance to win more free stuff! =D I say that in a good way of course.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

[CLOSED] Comment here for the giveaway!

See original video:

Watch for the rules

Follow me here and comment on this entry in order to gain 5 entries to my giveaway.

You could win MAC Viva Glam Gaga, E.L.F., Hello Kitty, and various drugstore products!

Here is an overview of what you can win:

You get this lovely duffel bag tote from Forever 21.
This is stuffed with bags of course.. It's not THIS full of goodies.

Here are all the goodies you are eligible to win:

MAC Viva Glam GaGa, brand new in package

Products from EyeLipsFace (E.L.F)

French Manicure Nail Polish set, Complexion brush, eyeshadow brush, lash curler, eyeshadow quads, and lashes in "Dramatic" and "Natural"

Eyeshadow Quads in "Drama" and "Butternut"

Hello Kitty products:

Toe separators and keychain nail clipper

Nail Stuff:

Forever 21 nail file and Art Deco in black and white

Drugstore things:

Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadows in "Black Magic" and "Not Just Nudes"
NYC lashes in 973A
L'Oreal Carbon Black Mascara (waterproof)
Wet N' Wild Cream Liner in black

Monday, April 5, 2010

My new blogspot

Hey, it's MakeupANNimal from youtube (subscribe if you haven't!) I'm just going around the internet making accounts for everything today.. Just because I fear fake accounts and I want everything to be consistent! So if anyone wanted to look for me they could just type in my screen name as is =)