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Vlog: Htown and Texas City 💥 First Time at Benihana | ▶️ YouTube Creator Day?

⏩ Hello lovies! This is a vlog of my last two trips to Texas combined. It is still shaky because it's recorded from my S5, so please bear with me! Also, I wanted to come on here and say I attended Houston creator day on the 18th! It was fun and I will post a vlog soon.

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♥ Restaurants Visited ♥

Benihana on Westheimer, Downtown Houston

Benihana was a pleasant experience. Known for being the original teppanyaki joints, this please did not disappoint (minus the lack of fire, some people just have to ruin it for everyone)We started with the Sumo roll. Perfect for those who love the perfect amount of sauce drowning your roll, with a warm feeling from it being baked. From the Tappan menu, we ordered the Deluxe Treat with Filet Mignon and Lobster, along with soup, salad, and ice cream and orders of shrimp fried rice. All of our tappan items were exemplary of what hibachi food should be! I especially loved the lobster. It was succulent, buttery, and sweet. Imagine the best snow crabs pre-dipped in butter with the soft yet springy texture of perfect lobster. Since it was my boyfriend's and my birthday, they sat a Benihana chef's hat upon my head, sang me happy birthday, and stuck a chocolate Pocky stick in my ice cream! Next year I'll be sure to be signed up for the Chef's Table to receive a $30 gift card each on our birthday!

Tea Bar and Organics on Bellaire, China Town Houston

This is one of the boba places are are open a litter later than the rest on Bellaire. This place is mediocre. Drinks aren't packed with flavor which can be a good thing based on your preference. Sometimes your drink is served in a mug, other times in a paper cup. You receive a discount for to-go, but not if you dine in and they give you a to-go cup. Weird. Just another place where service is inconsistent. I only come here when it's late and I want boba.

Taqueria Vallarta on Palmer hwy, Texas City

If you're ever in Texas City looking for authentic food, this is your place. Very humble establishment with a focus on food without frills. I left satisfied with plenty of leftovers.

Masa Sushi on W FM 646, Dickenson Texas

Their lunch specials are extremely affordable. The bill will not hurt your pocket at all. But you get what you pay for. The sushi itself is average and the sushi rice is not seasoned to my liking.  Service is always great and I always leave full. Great place for a quick lunch with lots of decor to look at.

Tan Tan on Bellaire, China Town Houston

 This is another late night restaurant I visit just because it's open. I frequent this place often because I can't get enough Banh Bot Chien, or um roughly translated, fried batter (in an omelette served with special ponzu-like sauce). Hot pot is decent, we enjoy the Vietnamese style with a variety of meat and seafood. Service is very rough though. Don't expect to be attended to very much.

Basil House on Palmer hwy, Texas City

Decent place in Texas city to get Vietnamese and Thai food. Nothing mind blowing, but satiating.

Honey Bee Teahouse on Bellaire, China Town Houston

I am normally satisfied when I come here with taste and service, but last time it was a bit odd. My egg pudding tasted rather soapy. Other than that, the menu is vast and the atmosphere is bright and very bee themed. It's a busy place but an okay place to study if you don't mind the traffic.

Russo's New York Pizzeria W FM 646, League City Texas

 This. Place. Russo's hits all the points I want in a NY style slice of pie. Great cheese, crispy underneath and thin. We ordered by the slice and topping. The only downside... It leaves you running to the bathroom when you get home. Yikes!

Jimmy Changa's on Gulf fwy, League City Texas

This place is modern "Fresh Mex." The place looks geared toward fun and family with a jungle gym, free ice cream, and plenty of booth options.  Decor has cute pops of monkeys with bananas. We the taquitos with queso and avocado ranch. SO. DELICIOUS. Great app and very filling. By the time we got to our entrees we were nearly full. We got the pollo marisco with a delicious but rich sauce. We also tried the 9ine layer Mexican lasagna. It was packed with that "Mexican" flavor and a little overpowering. Picture that taco beef you had in school between layers of pasta and cheese.

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