Sunday, September 12, 2010

Katie B's Faux Lash Mascara!

I figured I wouldn't do it on something I already have on youtube that I'm really excited to review. This mascara hasn't gotten much attention, but it should! I'm talking about Katie B cosmetics Faux Lash Mascara (in Bat Black)

Here is her description of the product on her website:
"Faux Lash Mascara is made of 100% natural ingredients. With the unique bristles of its cone shaped brush, Faux Lash Mascara thickens, lengthens, and separates without the clumpiness of other mascaras, AND without wilting your lashes. Say goodbye to curling your lashes before AND after you put on mascara. With Faux Lash Mascara, you just have to curl your lashes before you put on Faux Lashes and go on about your day. Lastly, Faux Lashes will give you the blackest lashes ever and is water resistant!"

I've heard about Katie B a long time ago. She's a hard working MUA with a mineral makeup line and one of her must-have products is this mascara. I have many friends who recommend this and I can tell you it's a great mascara! If you have a problem with short, stubborn, straight asian eyelashes, here is a possible solution. Katie B should know, she's asian herself (specifically I think, Vietnamese). Most likely she designed this for our lashes that just won't cooperate.

This mascara will do what it promises as long as it is applied properly (so don't have too much product on that applicator!). On my left eyelashes it does magic, but not so much for the right because they are very jacked up and out of place. It performs similar to IMJU Fiberwig except it volumizes more and doesn't add length by those fibers.

- If you like BLACK mascara, this product is for you!
- It is truly WATERPROOF. You need a good makeup remover to get this sucker out.
- This will hold your curl til NEXT WEEK girlfran! Okay not really, but I fell asleep with this on and it was still curled the next day!
- How does it perform? It lengthens, thickens, separates, and (if applied properly) has minimal clumpage! EVERYTHING you can ask for in a mascara!
- Made of natural ingredients
- It makes you look like you have false lashes on. But just the natural looking kind, not crazy dramatic.

- For me at least, the unique cone shape applicator is hard for me to use. I find it hard to use the applicator to get rid of the clumps when I do accidentally get them
- It has a funny smell to it, but it smells similar to olive oil, so it's probably from the natural ingredients that she uses.
- Packaging is cute in black and purple, however it is a sticker. A sticker might wear and tear after some time.
- This product is kinda hit or miss. Some days it gives great length, and other days you're like what the heck?

The product is moderately priced at $13.50. This is in between a high end product and drugstore, but since it performs so well I see it as a DEAL!

You can purchase this item at:

Support her! She is a very sweet and down to earth person. She also does AMAZING makeup. She makes people look absolutely FLAWLESS.

DISCLAIMER: I received this from a friend as a birthday gift. I will give a video review once I have everything from my birthday haul. =)

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