Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liquid MINERAL Foundation? By Katie B Cosmetics

Hello again ladies! Another great product from Katie B! (I asked for two things on my birthday wishlist from her, hehe) In this post I will talk about her liquid MINERAL foundation. what what? Liquid MINERAL foundation? You heard right. Katie b is one of the first few brands to carry liquid mineral foundation. I have this in g200 and I'm on the fence about it. I LOVE the product and its quality, it's just that I'm used to applying a darker foundation to pretend to be tan and well.. To be honest this foundation is almost a perfect match for my skin, and blends into my skin SO well.

Proof that it actually is mineral? The consistency gives you and idea.. it's not completely liquidy and smooth. When applied and set. Try to sprinkle some water on it. It beads up when you try. Mineral makeup doesn't mix with water, hence the beads when you try to get it wet =)

A lot of information is on the website, so I linked it below. It has background information and also color swatches. It is arranged by golden tones and rosie tones, so if you kinda have to know your undertone to shop. I once asked her to match me up and she was going to, but I never got back to her. The one that I chose was near perfect though!

This kind of stuff needs to be applied preferably with a regular makeup brush or I imagine it would work with a wet makeup sponge because of its consistency. I usually stipple and I found it HARDDD to apply with a MAC 187 since it's so thick. I used evian misting spray to wet my brush and then put it on. The water keeps the product from soaking, and you def wouldn't wanna waste it! Plus you use less with that method.

Since there is sooo much info on her site, I'll just share what's on the actual tube.
Oil Free, Hypoallergenic
This self setting foundation & powder is infused with antioxidants and minerals that protect & hydrate the skin."

- Mineral foundation. 'Nough said.
- SPF 15. Who doesn't like a little sun protection?
- I haven't had the time to let it sit to find out if it's actually self setting, but I do find when I apply translucent powder I need less than my normal liquid foundation.
- Long lasting! Again, it's hard to tell it's there since it blends so well, but when I tried to wash my face with water it beaded up. So the foundation was still there.
- Photographs well. I haven't put that to a great test but from what days I put it on and pictures I so happened to take my makeup looked like my second skin.
-Comes in six shades for both undertones. Ranges from porcelain to dark tannish.
- Squeeze tube packaging! That means you can get a lot of product out.
- Can buy full sized (35 grams) or sample sized (5 grams)
- Coverage build-able. Can be sheer to full. I find I don't need much concealer either.

- It's a bit expensive. $34.00 for around standard liquid foundation packaging (says it has 1.2 oz on tube) but keep in mind it is a high quality product.
- Like the mascara, it also has a funny smell to it. But again it could be because of the natural ingredients in it.
- Hard to apply without wetting.
- Hard to put my finger on it exactly, but I think it's a bit too yellow for me. It is part of the goldie undertone, so I'm not too mad.

You can purchase this and her other products at

Support her! She is very sweet and down to earth. And she's very hard working! She's very busy but always finds time to tweet me if I tweet her. =)

I received this as a gift from my friend for my birthday =)

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