Saturday, February 11, 2012

Epic Forever21 Haul

Ok, so maybe the pieces aren't exactly "epic." What I'm referring to is the editing! I've become intrigued with "Jumper effects" and I decided to apply it to clothing. I filmed this in December, and every time I go to to edit this video I get annoyed and start working on something else. I pretty much had to edit this by ear, like a lot of my videos. If you didn't (and probably don't because I don't discuss it often) know my video card is pretty slow and I don't actually get to see my videos smoothly until it is rendered or on YouTube. It's pretty choppy and the "blue coat" segment will probably make an epileptic person catch a seizure. No joke.

Since I didn't take additional photos and I doubt these are still in stock, I'll just write a little something about how I feel about each piece.

The blue corset with black sequins - This piece is actually a body suit that has snap closures at the crotch, and it buttons corset style in the front. It also had detachable, adjustable straps much like a bra. I loved this top, but it is one of the few Forever21 items that has fallen apart on me on the first wear. The crotch area ripped and one half of the one of the closures is detached to the fabric. I adjusted the straps to make sure my top didn't fall down and the loops for the straps to go into frayed and broke!

The mustard polka dot chiffon blouse - I LOVE this blouse. It's a great piece so much so that my sister wanted to take it before I even wore it. Now that's rare, it's usually the other way around and I want HER pieces. Anyway I love everything about it except for the bell sleeves. For a quick fix, you can always tuck bell sleeves underneath and have the elastic keep it under.

Red button down with frilly detailing - If you may recall this top was in my Christmas Eve Outfit of the Day video. It has enough volume to look good buttoned all the way up, and the doily-like detailing makes the top special.

Yellow tag sweater - I loved this sweater on the hanger. That's what I get for not thoroughly trying it on. My problem with this piece is the sleeves. It slightly flares out at the end so I have to fold it to not be as noticeable.

Hot pink cardigan - I try to stray away from pink, but I just can't. This cardigan has larger than normal buttons with a grandpa length. The con of this sweater is that it's inevitably balling up and the hem up the sleeves doesn't stretch.

Yellow tag pea coat - I couldn't help myself. I have become obsessed with royal blue and I had to have this coat especially because it was $15. It is very thin, short in length, and lacks pockets. But it's a very nice coat to have in the south since it's not too bulky.

Puffy shoulder basic a-line dress - I kept seeing people buying this dress and also bought this blindly for Thanksgiving (that should give you an idea of how late I am on this video). It was a great choice. It's quite simple but classy with its conservative neckline and a-line skirt. Belts always add some spice to outfits and shape to your silhouette so I went with a navy blue to not exactly match but stay within the color family. The patent leather pumps are Charlotte Russe.

Square sequin body con skirt - Another love! Of course I normally don't buy clothing unless I am in love. I don't really remember wearing this anywhere but work. A con is that the sequins catch easily on other things, and sequin pieces from Forever normally don't have their threads secure.

Cheetah wedge booties - Probably my favorite and most expensive buy of the bunch. I always see these come back into stock but they're always so expensive for Forever21 shoes.. Like 30 bucks! They are comfortable to walk in for some time, but once I walked around with "no socks" and my feet hurt! The first time I probably wore more cushioned socks. I love them a lot but for some reason they make my size 6 feet look slightly bigger and are kind of harder to pair do to it cutting off so low at the ankles.

So those are most of the pieces I bought for the end of last year! I have a lot more pieces to show, so stay tuned for my next clothing video!

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