Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve Outfit of the Day

Hey lovelies! Hope your new year is off to a great start! I just decided to film my New Years Eve outfit of the day for work. Boy let me tell you, it is hard wearing something that is out of stock and in demand in a retail store! Being a walking mannequin is no joke. I was seriously considering taking off my shorts and walking around in Spanx.

For my outfit I wanted to wear a lot of sequins without looking like a huge glitterball. What is NYE without sequins? My main piece was a pair of striped black and blue sequin shorts. Since they were high waisted with no details like pockets or buttons, I lost shape in my butt. To fix that I wore my favorite Victoria’s Secret Body Shaper to shape that booty! I opted for a tank that had a short, faux vest with black sequins to not take away from the sequins on the bottom but still be festive. Since the black tank was solid, it broke up the sequins to not clash. I added a slightly cropped blazer and medium opacity tights to add a small amount of class. Otherwise, I’d probably look like I was ready to work Bourbon Street if you know what I mean! Blazers and tights instantly add a conservative yet casual look depending on how you style them. To top (or rather, bottom, haha) off the look I chose a pair of Gianni Bini black cowboy boots. I wanted something edgy but nothing with a crazy heel so I could work comfortably in them. My only other accessory was a pair of blue glittery heart shaped earrings since there were so many other sparkly items in this look.

  • Top: Almost Famous (from a store like TJ Maxx or Marshalls, I forget which)
  • Blazer: Forever 21; slightly cropped with gold buttons, rolled up sleeves.
  • Shorts: Forever 21
  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Boots: Gianni Bini at Dillard’s                                                                          
  • Earrings: Forever 21

  • Foundation: Revlon ColorStay foundation in “Golden Beige” (for combo/oily skin)
  • Blush: NYX powder blush in “Mocha”
  • Highlight: MAC MSF in “Perfect Topping”
  • Contour: E.L.F. contour color from Contour and Blush Duo

EYES --- I kind of just winged it as I went along
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” as a base for the lid color
  • MAC “Contrast” as the lid color base for the glitter
  • Cosmetic glitter that I “received as a gift” with my 120 pro palette (aqua and royal blue)
  • L’Oreal clear lip gloss as an adhesive for the glitter (bad idea)
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil in “Black” as a base for the cut crease
  • MAC “Carbon”
  • MAC “Cork”
  • Urban Decay “Virgin”
  • 120 pro palette colors on the lower lash line
  • L’Oreal HIP cream liner in black
  • Model 21 lashes in #111

  • NYX Lipliner pencil in “Rose”
  • Revlon Color Burst lipstick in “Soft Nude”… lol.
  • Forever 21 lip gloss to top off
 *Note: I've been trying to render this for days! I am getting so aggravated but something is probably wrong with my computer and not the program =T

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