Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pink Tory Burch Eddie Flats for Breast Cancer Research

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Hey lovelies! So a little while ago I received a pair of Pink Eddie Tory Burch flats from my lovely boyfriend. They are limited edition and 15% of the proceeds up to 15,000 is going to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. It's always great to look fabulous and give back!

He ordered on Black Friday and was able to get free shipping plus a lovely tote bag. It is canvas with a cardboard canvas lining and a design and logo imprinted. It cautions though that it may bleed in the wash.

As for the flats, they are the most comfortable shoes I own. These were truly made for women's feet. I am so used to wearing crap shoes that I forget what it's like to actually have insoles.

The flats are super comfortable. They do have to be further broken in though. Every stitch on this shoe is perfect, everything is aligned perfectly. They have a patent leather upper and a rubber sole. The site recommends going a size up, but the size he ordered (US 6) was perfect and for my feet true to size.

These lack the iconic Tory Burch medallion but it does have the stamped treatment in the back as well as the logo on the heel. It also has faux stitching in rubber on the soles.

They also have a logo stitched into the insoles:

To purchase or view:
Click here
For more info on the Breast Cancer Research Fund:

What I'm wearing in the video:
Lips: L'Oreal Persistent Plum
Eyes: Urban Decay "Dark Horse" on the lid, "Virgin" for highlight, and "Buck" & "Naked" for blending.
Foundation: Revlon ColorStay in Golden Beige

Top and cardigan: Forever 21

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  1. Great video and review of your super cute Tory Burch flats. Ever since I watched this video I've wanted a pair of these flats. I finally got a pair during the Tory Burch on-line sale. Mine are called magenta but look identical to your. They are super feminine which makes them perfect for me. You said, "these were truly made for women's feet." I agree but they are also perfect for us gay men who wear ballet flats. These are mine. Thanks for sharing