Friday, December 9, 2011

Victoria's Secret PINK - New Orleans Saints Lace-Up Crew

Hello lovelies! When I'm not working or have a large load at school, Fridays are "sister days!"

SIDE STORY: Today my sister Mary and I trekked Kenner in the GNO (Greater New Orleans area) to have McAlister's. She was feeling a little bit under the weather and was craving for a baked potato and soup. Bad choice. I love McAlister's in Slidell (the area my boyfriend Anthony lives in) but the Kenner location is not up to par anymore. She lost her appetite firstly because the utensils they gave us to eat with were DISGUSTING. I used to work in restaurants; I always polished my silverware and I hate it when I see water spots. But this was beyond that. The utensils had this build up on them that it seemed like they tried to scrub it with Brillo and failed. We had to ask for plastic ones -_- Second, my sister wasn't digging the new "Angus" spud. When she said it was red they replied, "Oh, you wanted it well done?" Ummm... You didn't really ask us for a cooking temperature. Not to mention the beef wasn't all that piping hot. The girl at the cashier was super nice though and pretty much took our order, ran our food, got us the utensils we wanted AND obliged to getting my sister a new grilled chicken spud instead. Needless to say, she got tipped (McAlister's states they actually don't encourage tipping on the menu, but they will accept it anyway). My sister lost her appetite so much though that she couldn't eat, plus she was already feeling sick to begin with. What a waste! She at least got her money's worth though, that second potato looked sooooooo gooooooood compared to my dry grilled chicken potato with no sour cream or butter on it =( I didn't want to ask for any since we requested those plastic spoons, forks and knives. I would post a picture but I didn't get a good one today. Btw, I am ALWAYS posting up food pictures from my phone to Facebook, so I might as well start posting them here too!

So I know this post is supposed to be about this Victoria's Secret Pink --- New Orleans Saints Lace-Up Crew sweat shirt.

Photo credits to Victoria's Secret. I would have taken my own picture but my sister is wrapping it up for Christmas =)
My sister got this for me at Vicky's retailing at $52.50 for 40% off! NFL apparel was 40% off in store. I checked online and it doesn't seem to be offered online for all NFL apparel, just select items.

My sister is always spoiling me and it makes me feel so guilty (she wouldn't even let me pay for lunch and told the cashier don't take my money because I don't work, when I SO DO. lol). So when she told me to pick anything from the Saints section I initially told her no. But because she is super generous and was going to get all our sisters-in-law and aunts Saints' apparel anyway, well, I might as well have picked one out right? I need something to wear because my ex-favorite Saint, Jeremy Shockey, no longer plays for us. (Jerseys down the drain!)

I grabbed this one at first: the New Orleans Saints Metallic Scoopneck Tee. Orig. $32.50 Sale $22.50
Photo credit to Victoria's Secret
I love the cut & fit, the scoopneck, and the faded graphic efffect. What I didn't like was the sheer material they had to use to have that faded effect. Also, the extra small tees they had left were either dirty or the fleur de lis graphic was messed up. I hope to maybe do a video tutorial on the lettering. It looks so easy to achieve! So anyway, I passed on the tee and got the sweat shirt. =)

Photo edited with PhotoWonder app for Android. Lomo effect applied then Blue Tone. Who needs instragram? lol
Here is me in the fitting room of Victoria's Secret. It's cute huh? Here is the online description:

This top makes the perfect tiebreaker. Sweats to live, love and lounge in.
  • Print graphic on front
  • Kangaroo pocket
  • Imported cotton/polyester

 If you were wondering who number 67 is... The answer is... That's not someone's jersey number. It's the year the Saints franchise was started. =D

Anywho, this is a love-hate relationship. I loveeeeee the fact that they put '67 on and I want to love it so badly. But! The piece looks to be inspired by vintage football sweat shirts with the heather grey, and the cut of the shoulders make my manly shoulders look football-player-esque. -_- It runs big to be oversized. In the photo I am wearing an XS. At Victoria's Secret you should usually go down a size anyway. I am a solid small in most clothes but an extra small there. The cashier told us it looks best with leggings and can't really be pulled off with jeans. I didn't pay attention to comfort and warmth because I was going to explode with McAlister's sweet tea! Here it obviously looks cozy though. In case you were wondering, I'm wearing Antiq Denim jeans and Forever 21 boots. The watch is from Rue 21.

I love that Victoria's Secret carries all the NFL teams now! Before they only had a few teams and I don't really remember seeing the Saints listed. This was right after they won Super Bowl XLIV. Man, I really wish LSU merch was on sale too. The sequin shirts were $98 or so! Cute but no thanks!

To shop NFL teams, click here! Geaux Saints! Who Dat! 

I like to visit for coupon deals before I make an online purchase!

Yay for my first fashion related blog! I'm such a motor mouth. Or motor fingers.

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