Thursday, December 8, 2011

New (Temporary) Banner!

Hey lovelies! Last night instead of studying for my Genetics final I decided to make a temporary banner for this blog. I know it's not centered in the header, but it's temporary anyway so I don't mind too much. I hope to make my own buttons for twitter and youtube and everything for the next one. Wow I need to make a facebook fanpage! I always hesitate because I fear no one will like it! =P

I have a tip on how you can take backgrounds and make them continuous on photoshop instead of copying and pasting, lining them up and whatnot.
  • I used Adobe Photoshop CS ONE (I need an upgrade!) 
  • I used a cheetah and diamond background that coincidentally is the background for my texts (I have the ChompSMS app)
  • I copied the background into a new project and hit Edit > Define Pattern
  • I went back into my banner project clicked the paint bucket tool
  • When the options come up near the top and it says Fill: Foreground in a drop down box I select "Pattern"
  • In the "Pattern:" drop down box I select the new cheetah print that pops up.
  • Use the fill tool and voilĂ ! You have your background slapped on.
I used the same method to add lines on top for texture.
  • I went into a new project 4 by 4 px with the background TRANSPARENT
  • I right clicked on the brush tool and selected the pencil tool instead
  • From the "Brush:" drop down box I selected the very first brush (Master Diameter at 1px, Hardness at 100%) This gives one pixel, clean and crisp
  • I used white as my foreground color and I drew one line diagonally in the project (zoom in to see!)
  • I again hit Edit > Define pattern
  • I went back into my banner project and created a new layer. Make sure this layer is on top of everything you wish it to be on top of.
  • I used the same instructions with the paint bucket tool
  • Once you have that popped on go in the layers window and in the blending changes drop down box hit "Overlay." If you're not familiar with where that is it says "Normal"
Phew! That was a lot of steps. Hope this post was helpful and I hope you learned something new!

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